Sweet B’s Hair Growth Butter
Sweet B’s Hair Growth Butter

Sweet B’s Hair Growth Butter

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Grow and retain length, moisturize, thicken, even grow back your edges with our amazing herbal hair growth butter. With the consistency of grease, shea butter, grape seed oil and follicle-loving essential oils will have your tresses healthy, glowing and growing!  

This hair butter is good for Type 3b through Type 4 hair 

How To Use: Part hair and apply hair butter to scalp all around the head OR take and rub hair butter on you hands and apply throughout hair from root to ends. 


Shea Butter - moisturizes scalp and hair, seals in moisture on scalp, anti-inflammatory, deep penetrating  moisturizer, contains natural vitamin A, natural sunscreen

Beeswax - treats and prevents dry skin, rich in vitamin A, softens and rehydrates 

Grapeseed Oil - antioxidant and fatty acid rich, hydrates and helps tame frizz, adds shine to hair, helps support hair growth, fights inflammation and infections on the scalp, may prevent hair thinning

Rosemary Essential Oil - prevents balding due to sex hormones, slows graying process, treats dry scalp and dandruff, boosts hair growth

Thyme Essential Oil - naturally balances hormones, increases circulation to encourage hair growth

Lavender Essential Oil -  promotes healthy hair and can help improve hair loss conditions, reduces anxiety symptoms, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal (which means it kills eczema causing bacteria), 

Peppermint Essential Oil - promotes hair growth, naturally thickens and nourishes hair, reduces dandruff, relieves itchiness, alleviates headaches

Tea Tree Essential Oil -  anti-inflammatory, brightening, antiseptic, soothing for common skin conditions



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