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Aloe Natural Face Cleanser
Aloe Natural Face Cleanser

Aloe Natural Face Cleanser

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This all natural face cleanser is the alternative to your face wash that you never knew you needed! The cleansing affects of castile soap, witch hazel and water mixed with the moisturization of jojoba oil and honey are sure to make you and your skin happy. The balance of ingredients makes this cleanser a great fit for all skin types. 

How To Use: Wet skin. Place a small amount on hand, loofa or face washing tool and lather in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly. For best results, follow with an exfoliating scrub or a moisturizer. 

Best When Used With: Himalayan Salt Toner , Nourishing Facial Serum , and/or any of our salt or sugar scrubs 


Water - your body needs it

Witch hazel - a gentle astringent

Honey -  antibacterial, moisturizing, antioxidant rich, immunity boosting, cleansing, acne fighting, exfoliating, may help improve diabetes

Hemp Castile Soap - cleansing

Aloe Vera Gel - anti-inflammatory, soothing, moisturizing, and made straight from the plant itself

Tea Tree Essential Oil - anti-inflammatory, brightening, antiseptic, soothing

Chamomile Essential Oil - eases scarring, anxiety and depression fighter, allergy reliever, helps alleviate PMS symptoms, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, may relieve arthritis pain

Jojoba Oil -  moisturizes, protects and prevents irritations, keeps oil levels balanced, helps acne, anti-inflammatory, contains vitamin E and vitamin B complex, iodine rich, helps collagen synthesis


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